Results IPO Oslo 2012:

Gold medals: 

Korea South:  Sarah Yoon. Essay
Lithuania:  Tadas Kriščiūnas.  Essay 

Silver medals:

Denmark: Jeff Granhøj. Essay
Finland: Aleksi Korpela. Essay
Greece: Myrto Vlazaki. Essay
India: Nishith Bharat Khandwala. Essay

Bronze medals:

Germany: Niklas Plaetzer. Essay
India: Abhinav Suresh Menon. Essay
Norway: Stian Follevaag Ersvær. Essay

Honorable Mention:

Denmark: Kasper Siim Viftrup
Guatemala: Vaclav Masek Sánchez
Israel: Guy Yassor
Korea, South: Sun Young Hwang
Latvia: Justine Zepa
Lithuania: Michail Sklaskis
Montenegro: Djuro Ilic
Netherlands: Sadaf Soloukey
Norway: Lars Borge Hellesylt
Portugal: Diogo José Martins Lopes
Romania: Corina Ezaru
Serbia: Darko Peric

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